Story One

 ☆ Brief Story Overview (cringing sorry):

Every 1000 years (evil) has awakened and every 1000 years a hero is chosen to defeat it. Except this time the hero failed. Hundreds of years have passed and (evil) has slowly but surely torn through the land. Only being kept at bay by a temporary seal - which is slowly giving out. People are getting desperate, time is running out and a new hero doesn’t seem to be arriving anytime soon. Neo, an up-and-coming mad scientist, realises there's no point waiting for some hero to arrive - so (obviously) they decide to bring back the old one.

 ☆ NEO:



Status:Alive (WANTED)

Pronouns:they/ them (+any)


Special Skills:Science (specifically biology and chemistry). Super agile.

Fun Facts:Can sew well. Huge sweet tooth.

Personality:They are usually straight to the point and have a kinda snarky, dry humor. People don't usually notice but they are *trying* to be polite. They often lie and deflect when having to be emotionally vulnerble. Maybe a little overconfident in their skill and prioritises their understand of a situation over others. Has a tendency to assume a lot about others and is overall untrusting. They are the kinda person thats loud and annoying but thinks everyone else is loud and annoying.

Notes:Gets mistaken as a doctor. IDOLISES Alric as a concept but not as a person. They used to wish they were him. Doesn't care about others opinions on them (seemingly) and thinks they are above others. They are aware this isnt socially acceptable to say so they wouldn't admit it. Definatly a coping strategy for being overall disliked and having a fear of rejection.




Status:Dead(?) (WANTED)



Special Skills:Swordsman. Nice handwritting.

Fun Facts:Super into sea animals. Loves homemade food

Personality:Friendly but on the quiet side - so finds it hard to really connect with people but socialises well. Has a personal duty to protect others so throws himself in harms way and takes on more than he can handle. He pushes himself too hard. Easily distracted on the day to day though and could be described as absent minded. Type of dude to get distracted by a cool leaf. Often appears chilled out when hes not. He's always willing to give others the benifit of the doubt. In saying this though he does have a bad habit of thinking in a black and white way. He needs to know who is squarely good and who is squarely bad.

Notes:Prior to his death he would dedicate much of his time and life to his 'destiny' and as a result he now feels like he has no purpose. The only thing he has been good at is fighting (his thoughts) - he places all his self value on being able to help others. Doesn't confide in others to avoid being a burden. His body isn't stable and constantly needs maintainance from Neo. its very common that his limbs may fall off or his torso will tear. This is pretty horrifying for him. The fact he also failed his one purpose in life is also pretty fucking earth shattering. Hes got a lot going on rn.







Special Skills:Good at haggling. Magic - specifically potions. Can do a handstand (very important info to her)

Fun Facts:Mostly taught herself magic. can speak to MOST birds.

Personality:She is someone who likes the idea of being levelheaded and rational (and she is in her own way!!) but due to her age and personality she is easily excited and convinced into goofing off. Shes someone who makes plans but rarely follows thru for these reasons. Though she does try extra hard in front of her younger sister as she wants to be a ""good rolemodel"". Shes compassionate and a little naive. She has a habit of saying what she thinks when she thinks it. When she makes levelheaded decisions it's a real display of her willpower - it does not come easily to her. Very passionate about magic. Really.. dont even get her started.

Notes:Magic is mostly a lost skill and very few still practice it in any meaningful way (still used in minor ways but not getting into it rn) - she has taken it on herself to find out as much as she can and is mostly self taught. She leaves home to head to a spcific town that is known for its history with witchcraft but ends up tagging along. She strongly believes magic shouldn't be used for violence and tries her best to follow her moral code. Her magic has is often weaker when she is stressed and in high pressure situations. Has a tendency to butt heads with Neo. It's mostly onesided (not hers).