About the Webmaster


hi!! I am the webmaster! I've only just started learning html/css pls be patient with me. im also a freelance artist! i want to make my own comics in the future but as of right now i draw whatever.

I also like to watch anime and cartoons, play videogames(very poorly) and hang out with my best friend josie :)

I am pretty extroverted online, not so much irl.

initially i got into coding with the idea of making a sleek professional portfolio page - but ended up with something much more personal :) i think thats pretty cool

  ★ my boyfriends  
★ likes + dislikes


cats, hatsune miku, lupin iii, fma, josie(shes a cat), lizards/lizard husbandry, riding the train, bad amvs


competativness(?), tomatoes, people who are way too into south park, loud public spaces, eating without youtube, all the normal things people should dislike(ex bigotry)